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Hammocks & Tarps

Camping Hammocks, Swing Hammocks and Ponchos from RVOps

Hennessy Hammocks

Military hammocks have long been a firm favourite with the Army, Royal Marines, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force who like a portable sleeping system that is easily carried in a Bergen. RVOps recognised the requirements for a military hammock and chose to run with camping hammocks that we feel fulfil the required specifications when choosing a hammock. Hennessy Hammocks have a large selection of hammocks to choose from ranging from the Hennessy Scout through to the Expedition Asym and the Explorer Deluxe. The Hennessy Expedition Asym has been a long time favourite with many in the military, however for those of you who are tall and require a little more leg space the Hennessy Explorer Deluxe is just the ticket. Although Hennessy Hammocks have been associated with military hammocks, the Hennessy Safari Deluxe can be used in bush crafting and camping. The Hennessy Scout is the perfect Scout Hammock, small, compact and very affordable for cadets, cubs and scouts. Hennessy push the bounds on hammock design year after year and have improved the Velcro hammock design with the side zip versions, the Expedition Asym zip, Explorer Deluxe zip, Scout zip and the Safari Deluxe zip.

DD Hammocks

DD Hammocks fit into military hammock genre perfectly. They are high quality and affordable, a reliable alternative to the Nomad Travel hammock. There are many features that make the DD series of military hammocks a first class choice. The DD Travel Hammock has a sewn in mosquito net and waterproof under belly, which can be used on the ground as a ground sheet protecting the user from the wet. For those of you who require a simple no frills military hammock then DD Camping Hammocks are a perfect choice. Straight forward and perfect for those situations when the need to use a hammock, the DD Camping Hammock is a fantastic choice. Although DD Hammocks manufacture mainly military hammocks, they also produce the excellent DD military Tarps. Bivi’s, ponchos, tarps, hootchies or military tarps have over the years been small and badly manufactured. DD tarps include the DD Tarp, the standard sized military tarp and DD hammock extra large Tarp. Both the DD Tarp and the DD XL Tarp are manufactured with the kind of detail required when sleeping out in the foulest of weather. Shop online with us for swing hammocks, camping hammocks and ponchos and we will reward you with a stress free shopping experience.